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Devang patel, a well known singer & Actor from Bellwood has created laughter in music. Right from stop that and meri marzi, to bloody fool, aye raju and pichhadi pe kutta kata in patel scope series, his music has always delivered the great fun with hilarious lyrics. He is also the most popular dandia singer from gujarat. His pop show musical masti with devang patel & his dandia show go garba with devang patel Are super hit shows all over the world. visit his official page on face book - Devang Patel Scope Search all Patel Songs at official websites of Times Music, T series. Tips Music and Venus. Most of the songs are available at Flipkart.

devang patel's talent had started flashing during his schooling only.he was most popular student of very reputed The New High School, Ahmedabad then.he always had been in demand for singing and acting in cultural programes of the school.That continued during his college period in H.L.College of commece too.

He started his proffessional singing career by singing in 'voice of mukesh'. Then he turned out to be the great dandia singer. His very first gujarati album dil dil ni vaat was the biggest hit. He then gave his first play back to govinda for film gambler.

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Ghume Uska Garba

The Garba written by Hon. P.M. of India.

Gujarat is best known for its Garba. And the Prime Minister of India, Shri NarendraModi is from Gujarat. Now a unique combination is taking place here. Where He writes a Garba song!

And by writing this Garba song, he actually defines what really a Garbo is. The first ever Garba song written defining the Garba itself!

In his own words – right from the dance steps, a Garba is a religion, culture, nature, faith, pride, hope, meditation, enlightenment and much more.

“Garbo belongs to them who dance and who accompany, The Earth is Garba, All the seasons are a Garba, The Sun and the Moon are Garbo. Even Body and soul area Garbo. In all , the whole Universe is a Garba!!!”

….It is the proud asset of Gujarat!

In this Garba song, we find yet another charismatic side of our own Namo –a wonderful writer. He delivers so deep meaning of Garbo with very simple lyrics.

It is our humble thought to put the same Garbo’s Hindi version in the form of music and a video and to present it to the India and the world.

The Hindi version of this Garba song is already recorded in the voice of known singsers Devang Patel and Aishwarya Majmudar.

Famous faces from the film and tv industries will make appearance in the VDO. The VDO will be shot with the best technical team. The same will be a great combination of showcasing the tradition, culture and the glamour – an instant connect with the youth who enjoys this festival at the most.

The song and VDO will be released on the beginning day of this year’s Navratri, 13th October 2015 in the Grand Garba Function at New Delhi in the proud presence of Hon.Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

As our Namo is now handling the Nation from Delhi, it becomes our duty to take the Gujarati Garba, what is near and dear to his heart, to Delhi!

A complete gujarati atmosphere will be created along with authentic Gujarati dishes to taste for 5000+ special invitees.

There will be live band of Devang Patel to entertain the garba lovers. The Grand Lunch of the VDO and Audio CD of this garba song will be the Hindi Light of this first Navratri.

And what a boost the overall Navratri 2015 will get from this mega event on its very first night. They will definitely sing and dance on ‘gume Uska Garba’ in the remaining nights.

9 Oct



10 Oct



14 Oct


Juhu, Mumbai

15 Oct


Radio Mirchi Garba, Ahmedabad

16 Oct


Palm Green Club, Goblaj, Ahmedabad

17 Oct


Ganedha Greens, Koba Adalaj Road, Ahmedabad

18 Oct



20 Oct


YMCA Club, Ahmedabad

23 Oct



To 25 Nov


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